Hallmark's "Time for Him to Come Home for Christmas--" Is Holland Roden the Best Co-Star for Tyler Hynes?

Four days before Christmas, Elizabeth receives a voicemail from a number she doesn't recognize from a man who makes one final plea to the love of his life. Starring:  Holland Roden, Tyler Hynes, Tenille Townes  Image:  Hallmark Media Time for Him to Come Home for Christmas Is a Compelling Story The movie plot combines tragedy, triumph, love, and mystery--there's a lot going on to keep the viewer engaged.  Time for Him to Come Home for Christmas also uses my favorite trope:  The Misunderstanding . Elizabeth (Holland Roden), Josh (Tyler Hynes), and Andrew (David Lennon) have been best friends for years.   After college, Elizabeth has big plans to be a writer for The New York Times .  Three years later, she is working as an executive assistant at her mom's company instead of following her dreams. When a man accidentally leaves Elizabeth a voicemail asking the woman he loves to meet him at "their spot" on Christmas Eve, she is determined to follow the few clues s

Is "Five More Minutes: Moments Like These" As Good as the First One? Take the Poll!

Five More Minutes:  Moments Like These Plot Summary  

A young widow's Christmas wish for her son is answered in unexpected ways when she returns to their old home.

Starring:  Ashley Williams and Lucas Bryant

Five More Minutes:  Moments Like These Movie Poster
Image:  Hallmark Media

Hallmark's Second Movie Based on Scott McCreery's Hit Song

Grab the tissue box before you sit down to watch Five More Minutes:  Moments Like These because you're going to need them--no matter how many times you've seen it.

Kaitlyn Morrison was living her dream life.  She met her husband, Brian, at the real estate office where both of them worked.  It was a perfect match:  she was a commercial photographer, and he was an architect.  They built a business together and lived in the beautiful house he designed.

One fateful Christmas Eve, Brian realized he had forgotten to buy the bell for their son's new bike, so he dashed out to get one and was involved in a tragic accident.

Kaitlyn moved to L.A. with their son, Adam, to escape all the painful reminders of their old life.

When the people renting the Morrison home move out, Kaitlyn's sister-in-law convinces her to come home for Christmas.  Kaitlyn must decide whether she wants to find new renters or put the house up for sale.  She receives a lucrative offer and decides to take it to secure Adam's financial future.

Kaitlyn also accepts a full-time photography position in London.  She thinks the adventure might bring Adam out of his shell.  His teacher has brought it to her attention that he struggles making friends and connecting, which is typical of a child who's suffered the loss of a parent.  His mom second-guesses her parenting and wishes Brian could be there--he always knew what to do.

Adam's Christmas wish is to move back into their old house, and he seems like his old self again during their stay.  He even organizes a food drive for the community!  He's determined to convince his mom to change her plans.

In the meantime, Matthew Jamison, an old football buddy of Brian's, befriends Kaitlyn and Adam and helps them spruce up their old home to prepare it for the market.  When romance begins to bloom, Kaitlyn questions whether or not she's ready to let her heart move on.

Five More Minutes:  Moments Like These
Image:  Hallmark Media

Scott McCreery dedicated the song Five More Minutes to his grandfathers.  The song is a gentle reminder that life is short--there's no "pause" button we can hit to slow down time.  We sometimes take the people in our lives for granted.  They've always been there, and it feels like they always will be, but then they're gone.  We wish we could have just five more minutes with them to let them know how we feel and to resolve any outstanding issues.

Close Encounters in Five More Minutes:  Moments Like These 

Kaitlyn wishes on a photograph that she could have five more minutes with Brian, and she gets them.

First, a little boy with a hat runs through the Yule Fest and tells Adam to follow.  Adam loses the boy but finds his hat by a girl named Skye, who quickly befriends him.  A second time, an older boy with crazy plastic glasses convinces Adam to follow him, and he's again led back to Skye.  When Adam draws a blank when it comes to planning the Christmas themes for each room of the Yule House, a young man (a budding architect) hands him a drawing pad and encourages him to brainstorm.  

Kaitlyn stumbles upon old pictures of Brian in the basement, and viewers realize he's the one who's been helping Adam all along.  

Santa even magically knows Adam's name and gives him sage advice about opening up and sharing his heart with his mother.

As Kaitlyn shuffles through her basement discoveries, Brian appears to her and finishes the dance he had promised her that last Christmas Eve they'd been together.  He tells her he's the one who sent Matthew, too, which ultimately frees her to love again.

*It's a heart-wrenching scene, but it's important to note that dead people do not return to Earth or become angels.  It's not scriptural, no matter how creative, poignant, and dramatically entertaining it is.*

Nikki DeLoach Reprises Her Role in Five More Minutes: Moments Like These

If you've watched Hallmark's first installment of Five More Minutes with Nikki DeLoach, you'll remember she played an art teacher, Clara Bingham.  DeLoach reprises her role as Clara in Moments Like These with a cameo where she teaches a class on making luminaries. 

Which Five More Minutes Movie Is Better?

The original Five More Minutes and the follow-up, Moments Like These, are both beautifully done tear-jerkers that remind us to take time to hug and appreciate all the important people in our lives for as long as we are blessed to have them.

The first installment is about a woman who wishes for five more minutes with her grandfather and doesn't realize until the end that he's been with her in the form of his younger self to help her through a rough patch.  DeLoach is tremendous in this role, and conceptually, the movie is unique, nostalgic, and spellbinding.

The second installment includes more wit and chemistry between Williams and Bryant.  Plus, an adorable kid is added to the mix, which makes it even more irresistible (never mind that "woke" Hallmark pushes him into a biracial relationship and coordinates an inappropriate slumber party with a girl!)  This time around, viewers aren't caught off guard with the ending because we know what to expect.  Even though it loses the "wow" factor, it's still very climactic and emotional.

Five More Minutes:  Moments Like These
Image:  Hallmark Media

It seems both movies are equal in caliber.  The stories are incredibly engaging, include superb acting, and cause tear ducts to explode. 

Do you like one more than the other?  Share your thoughts by voting in the opinion poll below.

My Christmas Tree Rating

Let's hope like with the Time to Come Home and The Wedding Veil series of movies that Hallmark will continue to create additional stories about the chance to spend Five More Minutes with people who are loved and missed.

Five More Minutes:  Moments Like These earns 5/5 Christmas trees!


  1. Loved the story just didn’t like the female actor.

    1. Liked the first one a lot more. Don't like any of the movies with Ashley Williams. She is so silly and over plays every part she is in.


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