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Hallmark's "A Maple Valley Christmas" Is Based on a Book

A Maple Valley Christmas Plot Summary   A rancher has spent her whole life working the family farm with her mother and sister, but when a man arrives and disrupts her plans, she starts to question what she actually wants. Starring :  Peyton List and Andrew Walker Image:  Hallmark Media The Movie Is Based on a Book A Maple Valley Christmas is based on the 2018 novel by Jerry Todt, but the Hallmark flips the script.  In the book, Erica is the real estate agent tasked with convincing a maple syrup farmer to sell, but after spending time in the small town, she has to decide between love or becoming a partner in her firm. When Hallmark fans love a movie, they always ask Hallmark for a sequel.  It will be interesting to see if Hallmark produces one because Todt released a follow-up novel in 2020 called A Maple Valley Wedding , which is set one year later.  Erica is in love, she's come to faith in Jesus, but then her ex shows up and sends her on a downward spiral. Did you enjoy this m

Did MacFarlane & Patterson Really Play Their Instruments in "Chateau Christmas?" Find Out!

Starring:  Merritt Patterson and Luke MacFarlane Released:  2020 Summary:  A world-renowned pianist returns to Chateau Newhaus to spend the holidays with her family and try to find her passion for music again. Chateau Christmas.  Image:  Crown Media Luke MacFarlane Is Julliard-Trained Julliard, located in New York City, is the world leader in training students in the performing arts--dance, drama, and music.  Luke MacFarlane's dad was a cellist, which inspired MacFarlane to start playing the cello by the time he was four years old.  He set his sights on attending Julliard, and he graduated from the prestigious institution in 2003, afterwards finding success off-Broadway, then on Broadway, and eventually on screen. The script for Chateau Christmas  originally cast MacFarlane playing the violin, but when he asked the writers to change his instrument to the cello, they quickly made the adjustment.  Luke MacFarlane really does play the cello.   While in quarantine before filming, MacF

Hallmark's "Christmas Tree Lane" Includes Original Songs by Alicia Witt

Starring:  Alicia Witt and Andrew Walker Released:  2020 Summary:  A talented pianist, singer, and songwriter shares her love of music with the voice students she teaches in the loft above her father's music store, all while fighting to protect her street from demolition. Image:  Crown Media Alicia Witt Wrote, Starred, Produced, & Created Two Original Songs for the Movie  In an interview with Southern Living , Alicia Witt (Meg) shared her inspiration in developing the story that became Christmas Tree Lane.  As Witt's work ushered her from city to city, she noticed a trend.  What were once bustling epicenters of commerce in communities she visited were now vacated buildings.  Since many old-time shopkeepers rented, rather than owned, the buildings that housed their businesses, many of them ended up struggling and ultimately closing.   Witt shared how wandering through vintage shops in downtown areas felt like stepping back in time, and she captured this concept perfectly in

Thoughts on Hallmark's "Jingle Bell Bride"

Starring:  Julie Gonzalo, Ronnie Rose, Jr., and Donna Benedicto Released:  2020 Summary:  A wedding planner goes to a remote town in Alaska to find a rare flower for a celebrity client, and she becomes captivated by the small town during Christmas. Ronnie Rose, Jr. and Julie Gonzalo in "Jingle Bell Bride."  Image:  Crown Media Celebrity Weddings Jessica Perez (Gonzalo) loves being a wedding planner to the celebrities, but would YOU?  The salary is probably fantastic, but catering to a bunch of rich, narcissistic divas sounds horrible.   What kind of person expects you to get them flowers from the side of a volcano, like singing sensation "Renne" (Benedicto), only to change plans at the last minute and demand an even more impossible flower to locate--the Jingle Bell flower? I'd be telling her to stick the bouquet up her rear end! This is why I get irritated by celebrities who forget their jobs are to entertain us instead of lecture us on politics via social medi

Rakuten Commercials on Hallmark Channel--An Easy Way to Shop Online and Save Tons of Money!

Rakuten Is NOT A Scam We've all seen the Rakuten commercials airing on the Hallmark Channel (unless you fast forward through them on your DVR).  Any time someone tells you they can save you money, it's wise to be skeptical. Like you, I'd seen the commercials, but I was leery.  Then, my hair stylist insisted I give Rakuten a try.  One of her clients pressured her into joining, and she agreed, only to avoid offending a "regular."  She was astounded by how much she immediately started saving when shopping online and wanted the rest of us to keep more money in our wallets, too. I didn't want her to give me a freaky haircut or scorch my scalp with the blow dryer, so I agreed to join Rakuten via the link she sent me.  I'm so glad I did!  Simply put, stores pay Rakuten a commission for sending shoppers their way, and then Rakuten shares a percentage of that commission with you in the form of cash back.  It's very similar to affiliate marketing. Why The Name

Take the Quiz to Learn How "In Love" With Hallmark Movies You Really Are!

How Big of a Hallmark Fan Are You? You've probably heard many Hallmark fans refer to themselves as Hallmarkies , a term which is used heavily in hashtags on social media.  What is a #Hallmarkie?  Simply put, a Hallmarkie is a devoted Hallmark movie fan, just like a Heartie is someone who is addicted to the When Calls the Heart series.     Image:  Crown Media Hallmarkies keep the Hallmark Channel on for hours each day, share their love for light-hearted romance stories in Facebook groups, amass a Hallmark DVD collection, follow the scoop on their favorite Hallmark stars, read books from Hallmark Publishing, and wrap themselves in Hallmark movie watching blankets while they sip their favorite beverage from a Hallmark movie mug. You might say, I love Hallmark movies, but are you really the devoted fan you think you are? Hallmark movies take us to a happy place, a place that some people visit more often than others.  Just as you can "like" someone but not "love" t

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