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Hallmark's "A Maple Valley Christmas" Is Based on a Book

A Maple Valley Christmas Plot Summary   A rancher has spent her whole life working the family farm with her mother and sister, but when a man arrives and disrupts her plans, she starts to question what she actually wants. Starring :  Peyton List and Andrew Walker Image:  Hallmark Media The Movie Is Based on a Book A Maple Valley Christmas is based on the 2018 novel by Jerry Todt, but the Hallmark flips the script.  In the book, Erica is the real estate agent tasked with convincing a maple syrup farmer to sell, but after spending time in the small town, she has to decide between love or becoming a partner in her firm. When Hallmark fans love a movie, they always ask Hallmark for a sequel.  It will be interesting to see if Hallmark produces one because Todt released a follow-up novel in 2020 called A Maple Valley Wedding , which is set one year later.  Erica is in love, she's come to faith in Jesus, but then her ex shows up and sends her on a downward spiral. Did you enjoy this m

Thoughts on Hallmark's "Family for Christmas," Career Poll, What-Ifs, & Tyron Leitso

Starring:  Lacey Chabert and Tyron Leitso Released:  2015 Summary:  A woman who ended a promising relationship in order to further her career is given an opportunity to experience the life she could have had with her true love. Image:  Crown Media How Important Is Your Career? Hannah Dunbar (Chabert) is a very ambitious investigative journalist for Channel 8 News.  Ten years earlier, she allowed her relationship with Ben (Leitso) to end because she prioritized a career over the love of her life. Now, she is dating a co-worker, Grant, but when he learns she has received a promotion and will be leaving San Francisco for a special news correspondent job in their New York Bureau, he isn't at all saddened or interested in maintaining a long-distance relationship. In fact, Grant admits when you're a journalist, "the only thing you can really love is your career." Grant's casual dismissal of their relationship gives Hannah pause.  Out of the blue, she receives a "fr

Hallmark's "Love You Like Christmas" Fictional Location & QUIZ!!

Starring:  Bonnie Somerville and Brennan Elliott Released:  2016 Summary:  A busy executive with no time for love or the holidays is forced on a detour to a Christmas-loving town, where she may find what she's been missing. Image:  Crown Media Has Hallmark Ever Featured YOUR City? Hallmark movies typically feature someone from the big city finding themselves in a small town where they find love and the true meaning of Christmas. The mostly American cities where these stories come to life are often shot on location in various parts of Canada, but have you ever found yourself saying, "I live near that town!"  The "big cities" one of our leads strays from often include New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Nashville--some of you might call these places home.  What about you small town folk--have you ever seen your area fictionalized by Hallmark?   Although it's a 2016 release, I just watched Love You Like Christmas  for the first time during Hallmark's Chri

Let's Talk Hallmark's "A Wish for Christmas" & Take a QUIZ on the Movie!

Starring:  Lacey Chabert and Paul Greene Released:  2016 Summary:  An office worker watches silently as her idea for a Christmas sales initiative is stolen and then gets a visit from Santa, who asks her to make a wish. Image:  Crown Media What Would You Wish For? Sarah Thomas is tired of people taking advantage of her.  Her boss, Dirk, just stole her idea--in fact, he passes 85% of her work off as his own.  Even her best friend, Molly, expects Sarah to bring everyone coffee each morning, and she passes her job assignments on to Sarah's capable hands, telling Sarah to view it as a compliment. When Sarah bumps into Santa at Peter's office party, Santa gives her a special gift:  she can make any wish she wants, and it will last for 48 hours.  It's the icing on the cake of her bad day of downers.  Instead of getting a gift certificate for a spa day, she gets what she thinks is a useless wish.  To humor Santa, who keeps pressing her for an answer, Sarah wishes for courage--to be

Time for a "Christmas in July" Giveaway!

What Are We Giving Away? Who loves reading Debbie Macomber Christmas novels? We are giving away one of Macomber's novel that became a Hallmark Christmas movie:   Mrs. Miracle If you enjoy reading in the summer while lounging by the pool, relaxing on your deck, or catching a breeze on your porch swing, try your luck at winning this great book. How Do You Enter the Giveaway? You need to answer a trivia question in our Facebook group, and if your answer is correct, you will be entered into the random drawing.  All you have to do is join our Facebook group, if you aren't already a member!  Find our group here: Hallmark Christmas Movie Magic  Where is the trivia question you need to answer?  It's pinned as an ANNOUNCEMENT in the Facebook group.  Once you're a member of the group, just click the "announcement" tab within the group, and you'll see it!     Contest Rules: You must be a legal resident of the U.S.A. to enter, 18 years of age or older. You must be

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