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Hallmark's "Time for Him to Come Home for Christmas--" Is Holland Roden the Best Co-Star for Tyler Hynes?

Four days before Christmas, Elizabeth receives a voicemail from a number she doesn't recognize from a man who makes one final plea to the love of his life. Starring:  Holland Roden, Tyler Hynes, Tenille Townes  Image:  Hallmark Media Time for Him to Come Home for Christmas Is a Compelling Story The movie plot combines tragedy, triumph, love, and mystery--there's a lot going on to keep the viewer engaged.  Time for Him to Come Home for Christmas also uses my favorite trope:  The Misunderstanding . Elizabeth (Holland Roden), Josh (Tyler Hynes), and Andrew (David Lennon) have been best friends for years.   After college, Elizabeth has big plans to be a writer for The New York Times .  Three years later, she is working as an executive assistant at her mom's company instead of following her dreams. When a man accidentally leaves Elizabeth a voicemail asking the woman he loves to meet him at "their spot" on Christmas Eve, she is determined to follow the few clues s

Hallmark's "Christmas in Tahoe:" A Movie Quiz AND Train's "Shake Up Christmas" Song

Christmas in Tahoe Plot Summary To save her family hotel's Christmas variety show, talent booker Claire must ask her ex-boyfriend for help who is the lead guitarist of an A-list band that fired her as their manager years previously. Starring:   Laura Osnes, Kyle Selig, Pat Monahan, and George Lopez Image:  Crown Media A Movie with Laura Osnes Is Always Good! Laura Osnes is beautiful, talented, and can create magic with any co-star, even when he looks young enough to be her little brother. Kyle Selig has the perfect hair for his role as the lead guitarist of the boy band, Wild Lynx, and in real life, he is a singer and dancer as well as an actor.  Both he and Osnes share a background in theatre, so from that perspective, they are well-matched.  Age wise, however, Selig is seven years younger (age 29), and with his boyishly good looks, Claire looks like she's robbing the cradle in this movie. One thing's for sure, the boy knows how to land a kiss, and in Christmas in Tahoe ,

Hallmark's "Christmas CEO" Movie QUIZ!

Christmas CEO Plot Summary A small toy company CEO gets an unexpected opportunity to merge with a mega toy company, but she needs her ex-business partner to sign off for the deal to go through.  After spending a few weeks together, they rediscover how well their strengths complement each other. Starring:   Marisol Nichols and Paul Greene Image:  Crown Media Two Different Business Philosophies From the time they were kids, Chris Winnacker (Marisol Nichols) and Joe Sullivan (Paul Greene) knew they wanted their own toy business.  They started by making their own toys and selling them from the front lawn.  As adults, they realized their dream and built a toy company together--CJ's Toys--but when they fell out of sync with each other, Joe left.  The two of them couldn't reconcile their different business philosophies.             For Joe, making toys is about designing something open-ended that kids can find endless enjoyment from as they find new ways to play with the same toy.  C

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