Hallmark's "Time for Him to Come Home for Christmas--" Is Holland Roden the Best Co-Star for Tyler Hynes?

Four days before Christmas, Elizabeth receives a voicemail from a number she doesn't recognize from a man who makes one final plea to the love of his life. Starring:  Holland Roden, Tyler Hynes, Tenille Townes  Image:  Hallmark Media Time for Him to Come Home for Christmas Is a Compelling Story The movie plot combines tragedy, triumph, love, and mystery--there's a lot going on to keep the viewer engaged.  Time for Him to Come Home for Christmas also uses my favorite trope:  The Misunderstanding . Elizabeth (Holland Roden), Josh (Tyler Hynes), and Andrew (David Lennon) have been best friends for years.   After college, Elizabeth has big plans to be a writer for The New York Times .  Three years later, she is working as an executive assistant at her mom's company instead of following her dreams. When a man accidentally leaves Elizabeth a voicemail asking the woman he loves to meet him at "their spot" on Christmas Eve, she is determined to follow the few clues s

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Merry Movie Week 2023 Printable Schedule

For those of us who are crazy about Christmas and eagerly anticipate a healthy dose of holiday cheer during the summer months, the wait is almost over!

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries continues their annual tradition of bringing us Merry Movie Week 2023, leading up to Hallmark Channel's Christmas in July event.

Merry Movie Week kicks off the evening of June 23 and runs through June 30.

Hallmark's Merry Movie Week 2023 Details

If you're hoping Merry Movie Week means 24/7 Christmas movies for an entire week, you may be disappointed.  

You can expect round-the-clock festive movies on Saturday and Sunday, June 24 & 25, but for the rest of the week, it's regular mystery shows during the day and twinkly lights and tinsel from 5pm-11pm Eastern. 

No new premieres will be featured during Merry Movie Week, but Hallmark Channel will unveil two new Christmas movies in July.

Hallmark's Merry Movie Week 2023 Printable Schedule

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries currently has all of the upcoming Merry Movie Week titles featured on their website's schedule, but currently, no printable checklist is available--this could be due to reliance on the Hallmark checklist app, since many viewers prefer tracking movies on apps.

For those of you who still appreciate a printable checklist, you can find one below.  Just click on the image to download and print.

Hallmark's Merry Movie Week 2023 Printable Schedule

It's not unusual for Hallmark to alter the schedule after it's been released, so if there's a particular movie you don't want to miss, you can compare this checklist to your cable or streaming guide and keep up-to-date by referring back to the schedule on Hallmark's website.

Will Hallmark Release New Christmas DVDs in 2023?

We all have favorite Christmas movies that premiered during the holiday 2022 season, and many fans are watching for them to be released on DVD.

As yet, Hallmark has remained mum about Christmas DVD timelines, despite several other romance movies and mysteries finding their way to store shelves and online marketplaces.

We are tracking all the new DVD releases for you!  Just click the link below to see which movies have become available so far in 2023:

Be sure to bookmark the post and check back often for updates!

What Are Your Thoughts on the Line-Up?

Once you've reviewed the printable Merry Movie Week schedule above, share your thoughts in the comment section.

Are you happy with line-up?

If you don't see one playing you'd hoped to watch again, no need to feel Grinchy.  Christmas in July is just around the corner with tons more holly, jolly romances in store!

Hallmark Channel Christmas in July 2023

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  1. I love my Christmas movies

  2. I love the printable schedule!!!

  3. I wish they would play Christmas Magic and Matchmaker Santa

  4. please never ever stop christmas movies, no one else does this, all tv offers are mean, ugly killing, or cheating, movies, i like putting good holsome ,peaceful thoughts in my mind, thank you for all you have done so far

  5. Love all year round Xmas movies! Wholesome!

  6. One of my very favorites not being shown at the is time...christmas duet.

  7. Would like to see some of the much older ones too!

  8. My favorite is November Christmas. Why is it never on?


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