Hallmark's "The Royal Nanny" Is a Fun, Modern Spin on Mary Poppins

An MI5 security service agent goes undercover as the royal nanny and must overcome the challenges of her assignment, like resisting the charms of Prince Colin, while keeping the family safe at Christmas. Starring:  Rachel Skarsten and Dan Jeannotte Image:  Hallmark Media Hallmark Introduces a Spy Movie! When The Royal Nanny premiered in 2022, it broke the Hallmark romcom mold.   Unlike all previously formulaic movies, this movie focuses more on action and intrigue than the warm fuzzies of new love. Intelligence gathers that the royal family, particularly Princess Rose and her two children, could be in danger.  The best way to protect them is for Claire to go undercover as the nanny so she can keep the children within arm's reach.  Evidence emerges that someone inside the palace is involved in the plot against the royals, but multiple red herrings throw viewers off the scent, making the outcome a little less predictable. There are actually bad characters in this movie who lack re

Take This QUIZ On Hallmark's "A New Year's Resolution"

Starring:  Michael Rady and Aimee Teagarden

Released:  2021

Summary:  Kelly Leone is a Milwaukee producer who makes a New Year's resolution of saying "yes" to every social invitation for a full month.  The "challenge" is all part of her morning show's month-long, on-air experiment about New Year's resolutions.

I would say "yes" to Michael Rady any day!  How about you?  Image:  Crown Media

Michael Rady Is Definitely A Hallmark A-Lister

Whether Michael Rady is paired with a good actress in a Hallmark movie or not, fans can count on him to deliver a top-notch performance no matter what the overall movie quality.

For example, Rady meets his match with Jessica Lowndes in Christmas in Pemberley Manor and Nikki DeLoach in Two Turtle Doves--two actresses who are able to create believable chemistry with Rady while delivering their own stellar performances within the framework of two great stories. 

Michael Rady is compelling as an aloof and debonair character, but he's also irresistibly charming as the boy-next-door.  No matter how he is cast, he always delights his audience.

Contrast the movies above with You're Bacon Me Crazy where the script is unique, but Natalie Hall is simply awful.  Rady still shine and makes the movie enjoyable, even though he has to carry the weight of it on his own.   

While Aimee Teagarden is a step-up from Hall, she is not captivating in any way and does not command attention on-screen.  She's simply too ordinary to make much of an impression.  Conceptually, the 2021 release is refreshing.  Imagine saying "yes" to every social invitation for a month!  It's a fun twist, but how many of us are actually bombarded with an avalanche of back-to-back opportunities in only four weeks? 

Regardless, A New Year's Resolution is worth the watch because Rady's presence alone ascribes it value.  Plus, viewers don't have to wait until the end of the movie for romance to blossom because the wooing is deliberate early on and continues through the story from beginning to end.

Did You Make Any Resolutions This Year?

Are you hoping to lose weight, eat healthier, or read more this year?  New Year's resolutions are easy to make, but much harder to keep.  Life gets in the way, and many resolutions require behavior modification or more determination than what we are willing to muster!  

How are you doing on your New Year's resolutions?  The poll below gives you an opportunity to weigh in on the intensity of your commitment!


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